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Storage sheds are valuable in many ways; they are versatile, priceless tools for any homeowner and can increase property values. If you have too much clutter in the home or garage, need an outside space for kids to play, have small livestock that need winter shelter, or need a space to stow garden tractors and equipment, the simple solution is a shed.

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Storage sheds are especially practical; keepsakes and clutter alike can be safely and conveniently stored without the expense and hindrance of using a commercial storage facility. Building a shed adds a practical feature to your yard that fits your tastes and solves a number of problems. But, where do you start? There are some many options…storage shed designs, size, materials, usage. My Shed Plans can help you filter through all the possibilities, so you can get on with your project with confidence.

Building vs. Buying a Shed

Storage Shed Designs
As with any other do-it-yourself project, whether it’s construction or handicrafts, some people will object that buying is easier than building. Simply choose the shed you want and where you want it and your work is done. Buying a shed does save time and effort, but building your own shed comes with many more benefits. You save money on materials and labor when taking on the project with a few friends, as well as gaining experience and satisfaction in completing a project that will improve your life. The selection of available plans is wider than those of complete sheds or kits, resulting in a shed that is perfectly tailored to your purpose and tastes.

Benefits of Buying MyShedPlans to Build

A successful project like building a shed requires a foundation of proven plans and detailed instructions, especially for novice woodworkers. These resources are the prime features of My Shed Plans. This product provides a wealth of plans that are not limited to sheds; it also offers the wisdom of experienced woodworkers and tips to help ensure a satisfying, lasting end result. Novices and veterans alike benefit from the wide selection of available plans for sheds and other woodworking projects, as well as the degree of detail provided in each.

Included Features of MyShedPlans

While the key feature of My Shed Plans is, of course, the product’s plans for sheds, the complete package contains a number of beneficial features. Instant access to the desired plans and resources is a helpful draw; when you order, you need not wait for a CD to arrive in the mail. Another bonus is the variety of plans for other projects. Photos, schematics, step by step instructions, field-tested ideas and tips provided by experts, information for both building and remodeling, a wide variety of choices for every included project type, and woodworking instructions from professionals are all provided by My Shed Plans.

Build a Great Shed with Instructions and Clear Plans

For a wide variety of plans in one resource, My Shed Plans is an ideal product. Many other plans come with bare bones instructions, limited illustrations to use as reference and example, and very basic lists of necessary supplies. My Shed Plans boasts multiple illustrations showing different sides and angles and which are proportionate to give an accurate reference guide. Specific and detailed materials lists help to guide both novice and veteran builders in which supplies need to be purchased at which stage and their intended uses. Included references give newcomers the confidence to tackle even complex sheds with the benefit of expert tips.

Other Projects Included in My Shed Plans

While a garden shed itself is a versatile project that can be used in many ways, My Shed Plans includes variations on the basic structure geared to specific purposes. Chicken coops, greenhouses, dog kennels, pesticide storage sheds, stables, and barns are just a few examples in this category. This resource goes beyond plans for storage and shelter; it also includes projects as small as knife blocks and as large as pole barns. Practical outdoor features like footbridges,wheelbarrows, benches, barbecue pits, fences, and lawn furniture are included, as are those for sheer decoration, such as wishing wells, flower boxes, and landscaping ideas.

Learn Professional Carpentry Tips

Woodworking and carpentry are involved trades; getting started without instruction is a daunting task. My Shed Plans, as a special feature, includes an amazing array of tips, instruction, and info to let the most green novice complete advanced projects. Included subjects are construction planning, drawings, and materials; concrete forms and project framing; roofs, bridges, and piers; and finish carpentry. Expert craftsman advice from the planning stages to the finished project are a bonus to the library of plans.

Customer Reviews

Consumers who have already purchased and used My Shed Plans have overwhelmingly good things to say about it. Some reviewers were confused by receiving fewer than twelve thousand plans specifically for sheds, when the product’s promise is for over twelve thousand shed plans and woodworking projects. The number of positive reactions and successful projects speaks for the value of this resource. For learning woodworking and carpentry, gaining ideas for and completing a variety of projects, and for successfully completing a great shed, My Shed Plans is an invaluable tool.

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